Mednarodni natečaj EUROPAN 12 GRAZ_RUNNER UP

International competition EUROPAN 12 GRAZ_RUNNER UP  Architecture: Matej Mejak, Katja Aljaž Year: 2013

..The concept is based on integration and connection of the strategic site into the surrounded areas. The strategic site is divided into seven parts with different program, which are separated with communications. They form an important connection between two parts of the city (vibrant and calm city). Along these connections the extensions are made in form of squares, sports field, parks, playgrounds,… In the area of primary school, the street is made as a schoolyard, between housing areas, the street is made as a playground and between sports field the street is made as a park. These extensions (sports field, park and playgrounds) are tiled in the form of a checkerboard. The checkerboard provides a system of arrangement where equal access to green and open areas is made for different users and therefore they work as polyrhythmic fields…

Europan-runner-up-12-Polyrhythmic-fields Europan-runner-up-12-Polyrhythmic-fields_plan