Centralna reševalna postaja San Francisco

Centralna reševalna postaja San Francisco // San Francisco Fire Station

Leto:2013 Arhitektura: Matej Mejak, Katja Aljaž Mednarodni natečaj: Finalist

Natecaj Render San Francisco Feniks 01

“Even today, after 100 years, American nation will not forget the courage of all those men who faced the worst natural disaster in the US history.”

The project idea was born from the desire to create an icon of San Francisco, dedicated to all firefighters who had risked their lives for the safety of San Francisco citizens.Firefighters’ building represents an important part of their equipment. The main idea was to create a building where functionality takes the first place and aesthetics becomes second. Because of this idea the architecture become almost naked and most important sincere. The project is located on a strategic point of San Francisco, overlooking the sea and the harbor, surrounded by a Oakland Bay bridge and because of its position it will became a part of the city skyline.

With almost three hundred meters long horizontal building and fifty meter high training tower with control room the building is a combination of vertical and horizontal landmark. The tower is located at the end of the dock. It is a guardian with 360 degree view on the entire city and the horizon of the sea. It is also a lighthouse for the orientation from the city, sea and sky. The minimalist design of fire station is combined with construction inspired by Fenix, which is also a part of San Francisco fire department logo. In this way the SFFS becomes an icon of the city, which rises from the ashes. The organization of the plan is linear. The horizontal lamel includes fire station with residence, presentation room, swimming poll area and sports field. Between different program groups green atriums are located.

Centralna reševalna postaja San Francisco